St. Moses the Black Diocese

The Rt. Rev. D. A. Sherron, Th.D.
Diocesan Bishop

In a remarkable emergence on the spiritual horizon, Bishop D. A. Sherron stands as a beacon of bold vision, unyielding faith, and boundless entrepreneurial spirit. As a fifth-generation minister, his transformative journey began at the tender age of three, his voice echoing with truth and conviction. Now, a revolutionary leader and mastermind strategist, Bishop Sherron blazes new trails as the Senior Pastor and Teacher of Global Fire Church, affectionately known as “The House that Faith Built,” nestled in the vibrant heart of Brooklyn, New York. Simultaneously, he stands at the helm of the Global Alliance Network, weaving a web of unity that transcends borders and empowers souls. With a desire for greater unity in the Body of Christ, he serves as the Bishop Ordinary for the Diocese of St. Moses the Black, and as the Chief Communications Officer in the African Episcopal Church. In this role, he is responsible for the spiritual formation and development of ministers and churches committed to cultural renewal. 

Rooted in an ancestral legacy of spiritual excellence, Bishop Sherron’s journey was nurtured under the wings of his revered grandfathers, the late Bishop Benjamin S. Kelley and the illustrious Bishop Fred G. Sherron. Embarking on his pastoral odyssey at the age of fifteen, he took the reins of his first pastorate, a beacon of youthful determination and fervor.

Under Bishop Sherron’s dynamic ministry, the pulpit transforms into an arena where theology, history, and culture unite, creating an innovative spiritual enterprise. Each week, his resounding voice reverberates through the halls of Global Fire Church, infusing the faithful with unwavering conviction and compassion. Beyond the pulpit, he spearheads a triumvirate of visionary enterprises under D. A. Sherron Enterprises, LLC – the innovative Sherron Capital, transformative Influence Institute, and the heralded Legacy Press. His visionary prowess extends to the esteemed Global Institute, a sanctuary of theological learning dedicated to equipping the faithful for the sacred call of ministry.

A global scholar, Bishop Sherron’s quest for knowledge transcended borders, leading him to the esteemed halls of Nyack College, Alliance Theological Seminary, and The Graduate School of Theological Studies. His journey expanded across continents to Eltham College in London, England, Sorbonne University in Paris, France, and the European Union in Brussels, Belgium. In a groundbreaking milestone of 2023, he earned his Doctor of Theology from the esteemed New Life School of Theology. His scholarly pursuits bore witness to the hallowed grounds of Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts, and the venerable halls of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. His distinguished dissertation, “The Blueprint: Building a Hybrid Church in a Hyperconnected World,” echoes his profound commitment to faith-infused social transformation.

The sacred mantle of education became a tapestry of service as Bishop Sherron imparted wisdom as an educator, shaping minds as he taught English and History for Grades 5-8 at both an IB Charter School and a Christian Private School.

A prolific literary voice, Bishop Sherron’s words have weaved tales of inspiration, penned in volumes that resonate across souls. His literary offerings, including transformative titles such as “Popularity is Not Enough” (2008), “Begin Again: Changing Your Perspective” (2009), and “Radical Reset” (2023), encapsulate his boundless wisdom. The echoes of his faith reverberate through digital ink as he joins Guidepost Magazine as an esteemed essayist and faith columnist, guiding hearts through the tumultuous landscapes of life.

In a sacred dance of partnership, Bishop Sherron’s life is entwined with the radiant spirit of Pastor Adara Sherron, a pastoral counselor, enterprising visionary, and social media influencer. Together, their love story intertwines with the legacy of faith, bearing fruit as proud parents to Sophia Rose and Saige Olivia. Their shared journey is a testament to co-laboring in the vineyards of both life and ministry, a vibrant testimony to faith’s indomitable flame.

The rise of Bishop D. A. Sherron illuminates Brooklyn’s spiritual skyline with an unquenchable fire, a leader of unshakable conviction, visionary innovation, and transformative faith. As he guides souls toward greater purpose and passion, his legacy unfolds, a boundless symphony of faith, leadership, and love, painting a radiant portrait of an emerging voice for generations to come.